Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't usually like to just fill my posts with pictures, but I know that recently I went through a phase where there were none at all. So I thought I might post some pictures of our recent summer "doings." Hopefully, I will have something semi-thoughtful to fill my posts with later. :) Hope you enjoy!
1) Cuddle time with Uncle Jacob, when he and Aunt Kate came for a wonderful visit!

2) Rose Marie and Uncle Jacob doing the "new" smile!

3) A birthday treat from Aunt Kate and Uncle Jacob...chocolate ice cream at Cold Stone!

4) Baking sweet treats together! This is one of my favorite activities to do with Rose Marie. It is so fun to watch her explore in the kitchen! Please note the aprons...they are a must according to Rose Marie.

5) Rose Marie's spicy swimsuit attire! She can't go to the pool without her sunglasses and hat! Thank you Aunt Maria and Uncle Corey for the awesome frog I need one so I can look as hot as she does.

6) Swimming together! I have one little person on my back and the other little one swimming in my tummy! Who could ask for more!

7) Pool Chicks!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The votes are in...

According to the poll, Rose Marie will have to get used to the idea of having a little brother! :) Thanks for playing everyone! We can't wait to see who is cooking in there! I guess we will know who wins in November...hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Rose Marie!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter who is officially 2 years old today! I can't believe so much time has already come and gone. You bring so much joy into my life. You are my little companion, my tiny friend. I love our days together and our evenings as we snuggle you down to bed. Thank you for being the wonderful, amazing little girl you are. I love you Rose Marie! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

On my Confirmation Day, I took the name Mary Magdalene. The story of her love, trust and complete abandonment to Our Lord has been one that I find perpetually beautiful! St. Anselm wrote a beautiful prayer to St. Mary Magdalene and it contains incredible thoughts to ponder! The prayer is on this page, along with wonderful information about her.

I just learned that one of the traditional ways of honoring her Feast Day is to make Massage oil! Yeay! Does that mean that the pregnant woman gets first dibs on being the one massaged?

I think Rose Marie and I will walk to the bakery, where there is a very appetizing selection of madeleines and maybe a coffee.

St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Poll!

In honor of Rose Marie's upcoming birthday, we thought we would start a poll. Guess along with us as to whether we are having a "girl baby" or "boy baby." Rose Marie's vote is for a girl. Which do you choose? (See Sidebar for Poll) We will close the poll on her birthday :) Just for fun.

Sneak Peak

Baby #2's first picture! Rose Marie was very excited to watch her "girl baby or boy baby" swimming around in Mommy's tummy. We are more than halfway there and we are so excited to find out who this little person is. Keep praying for the baby's health and for a safe (and quick) delivery. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Defense of Young Mothers

Dear Older, Wiser, More-Seasoned Mothers,

I have noticed you observing me for several weeks with something akin to disapproval in your eyes. Yes, I am young. Yes, she is mine. Yes, I am expecting a second. Yes, I am happily married. And no, I wouldn't change a thing.

Please think twice before offering advice, criticism or reminisces of your own younger motherhood days. Remember that I am learning. I am your apprentice. Know that there is nothing in this whole world that I want to succeed at more than being a good mother to my children. Therefore, critcism, eyebrow raising or heavy sighs of any kind cut deeply. Be careful in your approach.

It is not encouraging, nor helpful to me to hear you criticise my scheduling by saying, "When you have a second baby you will not be able to be so rigid." For now, I have one child. This schedule suits us beautifully...but thank you. And no, I do not let my toddler watch TV everyday. Yes, I do understand that everyone else does and it will not hurt her, but I choose to do otherwise. Please don't push me. I would rather bake cookies with her or color...but thank you. Again, reminding me that when the second one comes along it will be different, is not very reassuring. I understand that you feel that anything Montessori is rather strange or simply a trend, please let me assess that situation for myself. If I am interested in it, encourage me to research it more thoroughly...and know that if I want your honest opinion, I will ask. Speak carefully of discipline, sleep arrangements, the spacing of children and family relationships. These are issues I am figuring out as I go along. I understand that some people feel strongly that the family bed is the only way to go, while for others, a parent's bed is never to be touched by a child because it is their only private space. Please let me choose which way will work best for my family. And if my opinion is somewhere in the middle, do not discredit me as being unable to decide...I am learning and feeling my way through this as best as possible.

If you disagree with me, please think for a moment on your own earlier mommy mistakes or things you wish you had done differently, and give me a smile. I will learn as you did. When I have a question, I will come to you. I know you are wise and I will ask. Until then, greet me warmly and lovingly and remember when you were only beginning. I know my mommy style will change and evolve, but for now, we three (soon to be four) are so happy. I am sure you can see that on my daughter's face and if you ask her, she will be very glad to tell you. I love discussing parenting, it is a topic dear to my heart, but please listen with an open heart and I promise to do the same. I love being a mommy and I long to discuss that love with others who feel the same. Do not shut me out simply because I am young.

Thank you for listening.

A Mommy-in-training

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to apply lipstick...

Step 1- Make sure lipstick is completely out of its case and begin application from apple of cheek, under nose and chin, brush by the lips and end on other cheek. Sometimes it helps to apply to eyelids as well, for that dark sultry look.

Step 2- One serious look in the mirror will ensure that you have not missed any spots.
Step 3- Perfection! Now you are free to enjoy your chocolate ice cream cone date with Mommy and Daddy in confidence and style!

Do Not...

1) Give your color matching obsessed toddler COLORED construction paper and crayons as a fun art activity. She will inevitably think that she must match her colors to the paper. Thus, frustration instead of fun. A brown crayon will not show up on brown paper, neither does a yellow crayon show up on yellow paper. She looked at me in utter frustration, as if to say, "What good is all this color matching anyway! Look where it gets me!" Note to mommy...just stick with plain old white paper next time.

2) In an effort to avoid a misstep, tell your daughter to "Watch her step." A quick walk from the apartment to the car will become a 15 minute stroll with each step being carefully observed and "watched!" How can I get frustrated with her...I told her to "Watch her step!" I guess mommy needs to watch her words! :)

Don't give up on me!

Dear family and friends,

I apologize for this long silence. We are still here and doing well. Currently, we are battling some kind of illness, and like any close family, we are sharing it between ourselves. So, there are many naps being had, cuddling being done, noses and tears being wiped and chicken soup being eaten. I promise to be back soon with happier tales. Hang in there with me! God bless!