Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Song :)

I am here...and I survived! After potty training and the entire family coming down with the flu, we are finally on the other side! Yay!

I haven't been here in a while, partly because I have been playing catch up and partly because now that we are better, we have been "running errands," everyday simply because we enjoy our new found freedom. :)

I have a song I wanted to share. I have loved this song for awhile, and a special thanks to my Mom for sharing it with me. I haven't wanted to post it because the video quality and acoustics are not very good, so I am afraid it comes across as cheesy, but the lyrics are perfect. It is called "How You Live," and it is by Singer/Songwriter Cindy Morgan. I was blest to be able to see her perform live and she is amazing! This is not my video, but was the only one I could find on Youtube. She originally wrote this song and the group Point of Grace sings it, but I love Cindy Morgan's version so much I love the first line. :) This song and her other song, "How Could I Ask For More," are simply beautiful and so true.

If you are in need of a happy thought, here is the song for you: "How You Live"