Monday, February 25, 2008


St. Augustine asks us to review the story of the encounter of Jesus and the Samaritan woman with new eyes. I have been incredibly moved by his meditation on this encounter, and I wanted to share it here. I was most moved by the part in which Jesus says to the woman, "Call your husband."
St. Augustine asks us to view our soul, in the person of the woman who comes to Jesus as He is resting by the well. He invites us to see our soul in this dialogue, so that we may see what Our Lord is asking from us. Augustine says, "For it may be that He (Jesus) is saying also to our soul, "Call your husband." Let us inquire also concerning the soul's husband. Why is not Jesus himself already the soul's real husband?"

Our Lord, has been explaining to the woman that He will give her water that will cause her to never thirst again. But the woman apprehends this to be water of the flesh, as opposed to the waters of the spirit. It is at this point that Jesus asks her to call her husband. Augustine points out, that perhaps it was through her husband, that Our Lord intended to teach her. Perhaps, like the woman, our soul is focused more on the flesh than on things of the spirit. St. Augustine asks us to find the husband of our soul, so that we can apprehend what God is saying to us.

Augustine continues to show, that it is understanding that is the husband of the soul. For it is the understanding that rules and guides the passions and the senses. Therefore, Jesus is saying, "you stand here before Me, but you can not, as yet, hear what I long to tell you until you call forth your husband, that is, understanding." In a profound insight, Augustine shows that the soul, when governed by understanding, not only has Christ's presence shed upon it, but is now capable of ENJOYING His closeness. Beautiful!

Lent, then, is an opportunity for us to "Call forth the husband," of our souls. We can, with God's grace, temper our passions and bring them under the guidance of understanding, or as St. Thomas would say, of prudence. For then, on Easter Sunday, with our husband (understanding) at the helm, we will not only bathe in the presence of Our Resurrected Savior, but ENJOY Him in the fullest!

Obviously, this is a tiny summary of an incredibly beautiful meditation from St. Augustine, the entirety of which can be found at:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

America's Next Top Model...



Master Hairdresser: Rose Marie

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

My husband's parents just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations to them!!!! We celebrated with a fun night out, joined by the whole family (well, with the exception of our little one who was wishing congratulations dreamily from her snuggly bed). Thank you to my wonderful in-laws for being such a beautiful example of a happy, holy and fruitful marriage! We had so much fun celebrating, we hope you enjoy the pictures.

The Massetts:
Mother and Daughters:
A Mother and her sons:
The Vaughans and Rose Marie's little boyfriend:
Jake and the two Mrs. Mezas:
The Manly-Men:
The Ladies:

Happy 30th Anniversary!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ash Wednesday

There is something so thrilling to a mother's heart as she guides her little one in the traditions of her faith! I was so blest by watching my daughter recieve her ashes and holding her tight as the priest pressed the ashes unto her tiny forehead and uttered the words, "Remember you are dust, and unto dust you shall return."

As a mother, holding a little one so full of life, and hearing those harsh words spoken, helped me to remember, that she is not mine. She belongs to her Father in heaven. He has entrusted her tiny soul to my care for this short time and He has asked me to guide her back to His arms. Ash Wednesday helped me to re-evaluate my spiritual life, and also that of my little family. I am in this family to be guided to heaven and to be a guide as well. What a huge responsiblity! I always knew that it was, but I think that I have been reminded of that almost everyday thus far in Lent. I pray that He gives me the wisdom to know how to train her little heart to be open to God and to listen to His voice.

On a lighter note, be forewarned anyone raising little girls, that teaching your little girl about the importance of cleanliness, will work against you on Ash Wednesday. Upon seeing both Mommy and Daddy with "dirt" smeared across there heads, Rose Marie was inisitent that we "Wash now!" She pointed out to everyone around us that they too, were in fact, "dirty" and she pointed it out with loud, "Uh-oh! Wash now!" Throughout the rest of the Mass. Oh well! It is great to be Catholic!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I guess she feels the same way I do after grocery shopping. . . exhausted!! :)