Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Antiphons!

I LOVE being Catholic! The Advent Season for Catholics is so incredibly rich in tradition and symbolism. I am grateful that I have a lifetime to truly uncover the richness of this season, because I know that I still have so much to learn!

One of my favorite Christmas Hymns has always been, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." The verses of the song, echo the prophesies in the book of Isaiah that foretell of Christ's coming. I love that each verse ends with a joyful, "Gaude! Gaude!" (Rejoice! Rejoice!) because Emmanuel has truly come to the waiting Israel.

Over at Catholic Culture there is a good summary of what are known as the "O Antiphons," which are sung or prayed during the final days before Christmas. This year, I was finally able to make our own version of the "O Antiphon House." I have been wanting to do this or the past few years, I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to do it this year. So far, this has gone over much better than what I had expected! Rose and Sam LOVE this. It is a wonderful visual work that encourages great questions! Here are a few photos of what we have done:

1) Today we are on "O Oriens," which is why most of the boxes are already open. I used an unfinished photo frame and spray painted it gold (with a little glitter for sparkle) and then I found seven little cardboard boxes and spray painted them gold and glued them onto the frame. On the inside of each box, is the image for the day which corresponds to the Antiphon. Each box top has a wooden star painted gold, and on the underside of the lid, is a wooden letter that stands for the Antiphon. I punched a small hole in the top of each lid and attached a gold ribbon to it, so we could hang the box lids up after they were opened.

2) When the box is open for the day, there is a small "scroll" that has the prophesy and the Antiphon inside.

3) At the end, "ERO CRAS" will be spelled out which means, "Tomorrow I will come." This is what it will look like, after all of the boxes are opened:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attention Toddler Age Girls:

I have in my keeping, the makings of a little man, who would be great husband material...that is if he doesn't feel called to the priesthood instead. :) Below is a list of his qualifications, which I think would make him an ideal candidate for a lifelong commitment:

1) Should you ever feel the need to watch how high the human person can launch himself from any object in your home...Sam is your man. Falling, or injuring himself is only part of the job and previous falls or injuries, will not dampen his spirit.

2) If you have ever wondered what may be lurking behind your toilet, in your toilet or under the stove...again, Sam is your man.
3) No woman likes to be left alone in her kitchen, and with Sam, you never will be. He is quite good at knife handling, dish washing and throwing anything left on the counter in the trash...even if it was about to be part of the meal, but who wants those unnecessary calories anyway.
4) Window washing, this is where his expertise truly shines. Windex is for wimps. Sam's tongue swiped across the window works wonders. This is a chore he loves to do, so you will never even have to add it to your "Honey-do" list.
5) Romance, every girl needs romance. Who could resist a footed pajama man, crawling into your lap and singing sweetly, "Baby its cold outside?" Yes, my heart melts every time he does this.
Ladies, what you are looking at is the whole package. I could list several other endearing qualities like his new found pizza sauce facial mask, or how he drives his cars on the bathroom door when inexplicably you have locked yourself in, but really I don't want to over do it.
I promise to keep you updated, as this wonderful little piece of masculinity continues to maturity. In a few years, you can send us your applications. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Yay! I finally have a few pictures on my computer! It has been a busy month already.

But before I get to this month, we ended last month by celebrating Samuel's 2nd birthday! I can hardly believe he is already two! Because his birthday fell the day after Thanksgiving this year, he ended up celebrating twice, because we were at both sets of grandparent's houses during the holiday. It was so much fun! Samuel was so blest to be surrounded by all of his family!

When we celebrated with my family, my heart felt so overwhelmed by happiness and memories. When Sam was born, I was lucky to have my Mom in the delivery room with me and the day after the birth, we were welcomed home by my entire family celebrating Thanksgiving dinner in our little apartment. It was so special this year to be with my Mom and my whole family, remembering how we had celebrated a different kind of Thanksgiving only two years ago. :) Happy Birthday to my manly little man, Samuel! I love you, Sam and all of the amazing adventures you bring into our lives.

1) Here is Sam's first cake that we took to the first party. :) I was so grateful that Sam recognized it as a train.

2) Sam and Daddy at his second party. I don't have any explanation for the look on Sam's little face. He was actually really happy and excited. :)

3) Sam's fire truck cake. He is obsessed with fire trucks these days and this cake in particular had him completely thrilled!