Sunday, August 30, 2009

From His Perspective...

Apparently, nine months is a tough spot in one's life. Things have definitely improved now that mobility has been mastered, but making one's wishes and preferences understood is the tricky thing.
Sam has just discovered meatballs. He is now in love with meatballs. Disgust, aggravation and anger are now regular emotions when he is served anything other than those little balls of ground up meat and veggies. He tries so hard to communicate that, no, a banana is NOT what he wants for breakfast, but meatballs would be perfect. Life is tough that way.

I, the mother, take second place in his order of loves. I come right after meatballs and just before greenbeans. He now follows me around the house calling me, "Mama, Mama, Mama!" Which, I must confess, is rather adorable! He likes to curl up in my arms and "talk" to me. The other day, I was driving around town doing errands when I noticed something constantly moving out of my peripheral. It was Sam, waving at me via the rear-view mirror, trying to get my attention. He waved at me for the rest of the trip. (He also waves at his food when it is cooking, but I like to think that his waving at me had deeper meaning.) The tricky thing here, is that I, the mother, cannot sit in adoration of him all day. I actually have to get things done, which means Sam has to do something other than bask in my presence. Once again, life is tough sometimes.

Despite what he thinks, things are not all that bad. Soon he will understand that food other than meatballs are tasty, and that when Mommy does the laundry he is not being abandoned in a cold, harsh world. Until the, he needs to focus on the happy little things in life, such as being able to sneak up on his big sister when she isn't looking. That always gets a laugh...from him at least.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of a Kind

There are those people who breeze into your life, bringing with them those seemly lost qualities of a bygone era. Ronald Koenig, my husband's grandfather, was one of those people. He was a man of integrity, respect, hard work ethic and passionate romance. I did not know him long, but for the time that he was in my life, I felt privileged to call him family.

One of my favorite memories of Ron, was at my sister-in-law's wedding. I was only dating my husband-to-be at the time and therefore, felt slightly awkward at such a personal family event. I sat there, at one of the tables off in the corner, eating my cake and watching the family as they mingled and enjoyed the festivities. "May I have this dance?" Ron asked as he stood in front of me, hand outstretched to take mine. I got up and he pulled me onto the dance floor. That dance, was the most amazing dance of my life. I felt as if I had been swept up in the arms of Gene Kelly. He led me around the floor effortlessly, gracefully, full of laughter and smiles. I felt like we were dancing in another time, a time where dances had actual steps to follow and you moved to the rhythms set by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I have treasured that dance ever since.

This past Friday, I stood with my husband and his family as we buried Ron. He will be missed more than he ever imagined possible. But, those qualities that he was so loved for, can still be found in his children and grandchildren. I am so blessed that his grandson, my husband, looked up to Ron the way he did. I have married a man that was well trained by a true gentleman. Thank you Ron, for the gift you gave me both in knowing you and in having trained your amazing grandson. I am so blessed. God bless you Ron and may you rest in peace.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday Morning Cuddle Time:

Yep, this is pretty much what our peaceful Saturday morning cuddle time has become:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Me, to no one in particular: "Samuel is going to make me lose my mind!"

Rose Marie: "What mind?"

Monday, August 3, 2009


Last month was a busy month for us. One of the most exciting parts was celebrating Rose Marie's 3rd birthday! I can't believe that she is already 3 years old!

As I took the time to love, celebrate, and observe my little girl, a single word began to form in my mind. I began to think back on all that her and I have shared together, learned together and taught one another. I realized, that in a word, she is comfort to me. Comfort. She was a comfort the very moment she was placed on me after her birth. She was warm, wonderful to hold and made everything peaceful and right. A few weeks after her birth, when things were a bit difficult, I held her tightly while she slept in my arms and I was comforted by her love and trust in me as a new mother. During my pregnancy with her brother, she was my constant comfort, always checking to make sure I was okay. More than any thing else during that pregnancy, I NEEDED her with me always. I became clingy to her, especially in the end. Recently when I was sick, she "cared" for me as best as she could.

I wonder if each of my children will embody a certain word. Right now Samuel is somewhere between laughter and adventure...I wonder if in the end he will be either one of those.

Happy Birthday, to my little comfort! I love you Rose Marie so very much!