Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ponderings from the Small One

1) What is that dark drink that Mommy makes every morning that causes her to go from boring, to at least, more interesting?

2) Why is it that when I am in the house or outside and I yell, "Stuck!" Mommy comes running to rescue me, but when I am in my carseat, unable to get out and I scream, "Stuck!" she just smiles? Why doesn't she understand me in the car?

3) Why can't I be the one putting things in the grocery cart? Mommy doesn't always pick the ones I choose.

4) Why doesn't Mommy want a bite of my snack (a bowl full of cooked peas) in the morning? I told her they were good.

5) Why does my creativity have to stay only on the coloring book and not on Mommy's shirt? A white shirt is boring, I was trying to make her pretty.

6) Why can I unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher, but not the dirty ones?

7) What does Mommy do when I am napping? Poor Mommy, one day she will understand that I need my sleep, even though she must be awfully lonely without me.

8) Why does Mommy put all my toys away when I worked so hard on getting them all out?

9) Who gave Mommy the idea that she can cook without my help? She NEEDS me right there to direct and explain. Poor Mommy, she has so much to learn!

10) Why am I expected to obey the command, "Come," but when I want Mommy to stop making dinner and read me a story, and I stomp my feet and yell, "Come," to Mommy she only tells me to "Be nice!" I just don't understand...I said it right! I am sure she understood me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkins Everywhere!!!

Pumpkin Patch time!

"I choose all!"

Where is Mommy?
There she is!!!

Daddy and Me!

Yuck...but also so fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sanctifying the Moment

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently...some soul re-evaluating and I see several things glaring back at me of which I am not happy with. I will not confess to you everything, but one thing has really been on my mind and I thought I might "write out" my thoughts here, in order to clear my head.

A friend once talked to me about the need to sanctify the moments in our lives. That has come back to me strongly recently. I realize how many moments I squander recklessly without attributing any value to them whatsoever.

I am not proposing that every moment be spent doing something "holy," or academic or useful. Simply that I need to remember that these moments are precious. In that case, sitting outside with a warm cup of coffee, finishing off the book by C.S. Lewis and enjoying the fall morning is worth more than browsing needlessly on the Internet! Where have those moments gone!

I guess, I am trying to remember to make my life a prayer, an offering. I think one of the best ways to do both is to make sure to ENJOY the moments, in the fullest sense, because then they can be sanctified. I see myself spending free time by researching parenting methods online, new recipes online, house keeping tips etc. etc. But I have this incredible nagging feeling that what I am doing in looking at all of this is not "real." Something about it feels incredibly wasted. Perhaps it is the lack of involvement of my other senses. Sitting at a computer uses your sight and if you are lucky, your mind on occasion, otherwise it can be a state of hibernation for the other senses.

Whereas, a moment spent in the brisk fall morning air, my hands warming themselves around a cup of dark coffee, listening to the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze and feeling the beginning of the day dawning, I sigh deeply, knowing I am loved and I feel a deep sense of peace. In that brief little encounter, I feel so close to Our Lord because He makes those little moments for my to enjoy. This is real. Even though I have done nothing useful, prayerful or academic, I have come closer to Him. These moments are His gifts. I just need to open myself to receive them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

2 Years and a Lifetime to go!

Today we celebrate our 2nd wedding annivesary! I can't believe that two years has come and gone already. God has blessed us so much...one of the biggest blessings of course, is our beautiful daughter Rose Marie! Thank you Lord, how could I ask for more! Being married to Jacob has so far passed any of my hopes or expectations. He truly does mirror for me, the way that Christ loves His Church. I am reminded everyday how very much I am loved, not just by my husband, but even more by Our Lord.

My wonderful husband spoiled me this weekend by taking me away, just the two of us. We spent so much time talking, laughing, reading and just relaxing together. It was so nice and so needed. We both feel very refreshed. Our little one, had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa and her aunts and uncles. I don't think she wanted to come back with us!

Monday, October 8, 2007


This weekend, the college that I graduated from, hosted their annual homecoming celebrations. The school I went to is Roman Catholic in every way...and that is something of which I am so proud! On Saturday, they hosted a picnic for the faculty, students and alumni. The picnic was swarming with children who bore resemblances of my former classmates! I had to laugh as I watched my daughter toddle over to another little girl, whose parents sat across from me in Theology class. I loved the fact that my school is very aware that alumni may be bringing children, many in fact, so they cater to them with games, cotton candy, snow cones, bouncy houses and giant slides. They not only teach about the importance of being open to life, the college itself wholeheartedly supports this, by opening the campus to children in such loving way.

That night the school hosts a party at which alumni can reunite. It was so wonderful to hear what God has been doing in the lives of my classmates. God's faithfulness was so apparent. To each person, He met a need, answered a prayer, fulfilled a dream, lifted up from a tragedy and continue to reveal Himself.

Sunday begins with a beautiful Mass and a Eucharistic procession that covers a large part of the college property. Stepping into that little chapel truly felt like coming home. It was in that chapel that I prayed for help with my Latin homework, I prayed for my friends, I asked and dreamed about a husband and family of my own and it is the same chapel that I was married in only 2 years ago. I sat there, holding my husband's hand and thinking of our beautiful daughter and feeling immense peace. God is Good. This weekend, that phrase became just a little more tangible, as it seems to at every milestone in our lives.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Prayer for Aunt Ann

Please pray for my husband's Aunt Ann who has suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday. She is a mother to three beautiful little girls, the youngest being only 5 days old. Please pray for her recovery and for comfort for her loving husband and her three little girls.